Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Giving Credit

I have had a website or a blog since 2000.  I built my first website from scratch using Front Page. I began surfing the web to find ideas to help me build my site. Below is a list of incredible site owners whose ideas I've incorporated into my websites or blogs or used in the classroom.
Beth Newingham
Angela Bunyi
Victoria Zasztal
Heather Renz
Angela Powell
Brent Coley
Mariely Sanchez
Leslie Nettling
Mrs. Passetto
Emily Shea
Mandy Gregory

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Never To Old To Learn

Well, I finally did it! I signed up to complete a Master's Degree program in Educational Leadership. I completed my first assignment and I think that I am going to like this online learning. In the meantime I am really synced about the upcoming school year. I recently attended the Differentiated Instruction Conference in Las Vegas and I had a blast. I learned so much and I am so ready to start implementing the strategies and ideas that the presenters gave us. It is my hope to chronicle the year as I implement what I learned at the conference in my classroom this year. I will also talk about my own personal educational journey. Here's to those of us who truly believe, "Every Student Can Learn!"