Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gifted And Talented or Twice Exceptional?

I tell the students in my class that we are all "Twice Exceptional"; gifted in some areas and limited knowledge in some areas. I teach all students in my room on both levels and in between the sprectum of "Twice Exceptional". When I  form groups according to readiness they are static and constantly changing to meet the demands of the content, curriculum, and readiness of each student. My students view the resource room as a place for additional help not a place where the "dumb kids" go.
Below are some resources and activites that I use in the classroom to differentiate for all the students in my classroom.
In science I use a collection of different activites to challenge the students and to introduce inquiry and critical thinking skills.
Mission Centers:

Body by Golly
Earth & Space
Scientific Skills
Rocks and Soil
Our zoo has a wonderful tunk program
Rainforest Habitat Trunk
Wetlands Habitat Trunk
In My Own Backyard: Oklahoma's Ecoregions is a thinkquest designed for my students to research the different eco-regions in Oklahoma. Thinkquest is a protected website for students to explore and research on the Internet.

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