Thursday, March 28, 2013

Common Core for Teachers and Parents

Here is a short video that really explains the "gist" of Common Core. It was developed primarily for parents but it is a rally good overview and explaination for teachers also.

Here is another video that is a little more in depth on the subject of Common Core

From the Page to the Classroom: Implementing the Common Core State Standards - English Language Arts and Literacy from CGCS Video Maker on Vimeo.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Increasing Reading Comprehension Through Differentiated Instruction

Went to a workshop on Friday that featured Dr. Linda Gambrell from Scholastic. Dr. Gambrell presented several innovative ways to introduce a story to students. Really liked what she had to say.

patricia whitfield madison

National ASCD Conference

UPDATE: Well this trip did not happen due to a snafu at the central office. Was very dissappointed and a little irritated, however it taught me to check for myself (even if it means that the people who are supposed to be checking get irritated)... The good news is that in compensation we will be attending the SDE Differentiated Instruction conference in Las Vegas. Headed to the windy city of Chicago for the annual ASCD Conference. I am excited to see Maya Angelou.

patricia whitfield madison