Friday, January 3, 2014

Starting @ The End

I just finished a series on Backwards Design at one of my schools...when I was in the classroom I always designed my lessons around the fact I got in trouble for not using the teacher's editions enough to plan my instruction...I would modify the test so that the students actually got tested on what I had taught...Here is a summary of what I presented:

patricia whitfield madison

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Start the New Year Off Right

In two weeks students will be back in holiday letdown will be is time to think about where you want your class to go...think about priorities and what is left to accomplish before the end of the school year

Procedures and Classroom Climate:
I know for me, I was always reflecting on the climate of the classroom...what was working what wasn't...over the holidays I always took a few days to thoughtfully plan out the first week back...

It is time to seriously connect with the parents of students that you may be thinking of my state parents must be notified by the 2nd report card that there is a possibility...I started the year with making phone calls to set up conferences with this parents to really talk about ways that retention could be avoided...this year a state law for the retention of students
I developed a re-entry schedule that focused on review
patricia whitfield madison