Common Core

Why do we need a common core?
Common core state standards will help us ensure students are receiving a high quality education consistently from school to school and from state to state. Currently, students are measured against a moving target. Materials and resources for teachers have been based on standards from states with big buying power. Adoption of the common core standards will help us develop and provide high quality curriculum and courses. We need rigorous post-secondary and career ready standards. Data shows that students need literacy and numeracy skills that will help them be ready to compete in the emerging global marketplace. This expectation is just as important for young people who enroll in occupational certificate programs after high school; success in these programs and in on-the-job training requires the skills and knowledge embedded in the core standards.

Strengths of the New Core
The common core state standards:

v  Are aligned with college and work expectations.

v  Are clear, understandable and consistent.

v  Include rigorous content, essential academic skills and application of knowledge through high-order skills.

v  Build upon strengths and lessons of current state standards.

v  Are informed by other top performing countries, so that all students are prepared to succeed in our global economic and society.

v  Are evidence-based.

v  Are voluntary, not federally mandated!!!!
There are some myths about Common Core and they are answered here.
Common Core Curriculum Maps can be found here.

from NYC Deptartment of Education
The instructional shifts identify the major shifts in curriculum and instruction to align with the Common Core. Teachers should explore ways to focus on these shifts:
* in math require fluency, application and conceptal understanding; and
* in ELA, social studies, and science require students to ground reading. writing, and discussion in evidence from text.
You will find a wealth of resources on the Oklahoma State Department  of Education website.
Common Core Adoption

Alignment of Common Core Standards

Common Core Resource Sites
Utah This is a great site with lots of examples.
North Carolina Another great site with lots of resources.
Georgia Performance Standards and Frameworks
Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. This site contains a multitude of resources for math.
Pennsylvania This is a great site for lesson plans and formative assessments 
School Librarians and Common Core This site has resources for librarians.

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